Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen won’t feature a camera but it will be able to control it

The waiting period is almost over and we will get to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is like in only two days. The South Korean company will launch its flagship smartphone on August 7. Naturally, a lot of rumors already surfaced regarding the device. Some of them were confirmed over the past few weeks, others were dismantled. One of the rumors that seem to have been inaccurate is the one which stated that the S Pen will have its own camera. According to Android Headlines, sources close to the project stated that this is false information. Yet, it does have a slight true core, as the S Pen might not have its own camera but it will reportedly be able to control additional features of the camera.

Basically, the rumors were partially true: the S Pen got some improvements and they are related to the Note 10’s camera, but the accessory will only be able to control the camera, it will not have one of its own. The aforementioned source gave up even more info on the matter and stated that the Samsugn Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen will control the camera’s zoom functions with motion gestures. Even more, the S Pen will also be able to swap between cameras. While this is not as impressive as having its own camera, these features can actually prove to be quite useful at the end of the day.

The S Pen will reportedly work as it follows: users can hold the Pen’s button down and then use the motion gesture to zoom in and out by air drawing with the pen in a clockwise arc motion. When doing this, the Note 10’s camera’s zoom function will be activated and it will only stop zooming when the user lets go of the button. In order to zoom out, users need to go through the same steps, only they will draw the arc counter-clockwise. It actually sounds pretty simple. We will have to wait and see just how accurate this motion gesture zooming in and out will be. Swapping between cameras also implies holding down the button, but then users need to flick the S Pen upwards in order to change the camera they are using.

In order to make these features work, Samsung reportedly added an accelerometer and a gyrometer to the S Pen. While at this point the motion gestures only aim the use of the camera, it’s not hard to imagine that Samsung will find other uses for the motion gestures feature too. It’s not clear whether these will be available right from the beginning but even if they won’t it’s always easy to introduce them with a software improvement.

There are only two more days to go before the South Korean tech giant will unveil its Samsung Galaxy Note 10 flagship. This shouldn’t have been the best smartphone of the company for 2019, but given all the complications regarding the Samsugn Galaxy Fold, it might just be the one to take the crown. There could be as much as four Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models, which is a first, but unfortunately, they will all be quite expensive.

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