Secufy keeps your loved ones always in range

We all have loved ones who need more attention than others due to their age and health issues. Even though we can try checking up on them once every few hours, this can prove to be almost impossible and very stressful both for us and the one we constantly try to monitor. With Secufy, the problem is solved. With the help of this small wearable gadget, we can have some peace of mind, as our loved ones can wear them and notify us easily whenever they need our help. This way, we don’t have to constantly worry or nag them.

Secufy looks like a smartwatch, but it can also be attached to a keychain or a necklace. Basically, users don’t have to wear it, they can choose any other mode to keep it in reach. What makes this personal SOS button special is that it can notify up to three of our contacts whenever we initiate the alert and it does this without them needing to be in a specific range. Also, the gadget is waterproof and it works alone, without any special apps both the user and the contact need to install on their smartphones. Even the GPS feature of the Secufy works perfectly without any additional gadgets or apps.

Those who worry about their privacy can rest assured that no third party will get their GPS coordinates without their consent. The Secufy personal SOS button relies on one-way server communication to keep the users’ data safe and to quickly and reliably send alerts to the desired contacts. Every time the wearable’s owner needs help and initiates the alert, up to three contacts will receive an SMS alert with the GPS coordinates of the one in need, other recipients’ contact info and urgent call for help. Thanks to this, those alerted can even get in touch with each other to coordinate their actions.

Secufy comes with a battery that can last for about 5-6 months on a single charge. The device features a low-battery indicator, an LED, that will turn on whenever the gadget needs some juice. The device supports wireless charging, and it only takes a few hours to fully charge and then go on for an extra period of up to 5-6 months.

According to the creators of Secufy, the personal SOS button’s retail price once it hits the market will be €129. However, right now the gadget is the object of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and those who back the project in this stage can get one of these gadgets for only €79. For the normal retail price, backers can actually get two of these personal SOS buttons, if they back the project in the next two weeks. The project is already fully funded so the gadget should start shipping as soon as September.

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