SkyTrek smart luggage gets $100,000 funding in less than 24 hours

We have smartphones, smart homes, and now we can even have smart luggage. The SkyTrek smart luggage crowdfunding campaign proved to be a great success on Kickstarter, as it managed to raise more than $100,000 in less than 24 hours. This was more than 300% of the developing company’s $30,000 goal, which is indeed impressive. But what exactly did backers invest in?

SkyTrek is definitely not your average luggage. The item might look a lot like any other suitcase, however, it is totally different than anything the majority of us used until now. The smart luggage features a removable power source that is meant to keep its owners’ cell phones and other gadgets charged at all times. Due to its removability, the power source doesn’t interfere with any airport regulations, so users don’t have to worry about it getting in their way when boarding an airplane. The power source offers 5,200mAh of charge, which is more than enough to fully charge a smartphone or partially charge several gadgets.

The SkyTrek smart luggage comes in two different sizes, a 20-inch luggage that is suitable as carry-on luggage, and a 26-inch one that users can check-in. Both variants feature two front pockets that can easily house the users’ gadgets. The larger model can fit a 14-inch notebook while the slightly smaller one can house a 13-inch laptop. The small front pocket is ideal to store your passport or other important documents in it. The interior of the smart luggage is just as impressive as its other features. Those who travel a lot for business will be thrilled to find the garment hanger that allows them to transport their clothes wrinkle-free. The customizable interior organizers are also great, as they help users benefit from every single inch of storage space. SkyTrek offers vertical opening, so it basically looks like a small closet when opened.

Due to the hard materials the SkyTrek is made of, owners can use it as a work station. Those long hours you need to spend in the airports just got a lot nicer as you can easily complete some work without needing to break your back in order to do so. Of course, smart luggage would not be smart without a performant tracking system. The SkyTrek also features a global tracking system that adopts 3G + Wi-Fi + GPRS network connections to narrow down the luggage location as effectively as possible so you will always know precisely where it is. The smart luggage’s app will always show you where the luggage is.

Other amazing features of SkyTrek include a smart lock which relies on a fingerprint sensor, face unlock, which basically works via the app installed on the users’ smartphones, and a digital scale so that users never have to pay over-weight luggage again. Naturally, it also features an Anti-Lost Alarm that makes forgetting your luggage in a taxi or leaving it behind a thing of the past, invisibly tethering your phone to your SkyTrek luggage for safety through adjustable proximity sensor technology.

The SkyTrek smart luggage will reportedly come in four different color variants and in the aforementioned two sizes. The smaller luggage’s retail price will be around $420 while the 26-inch variant will go on sale for $438. Those who back the Kickstarter project in the next 31 days can get them for $209 and $229 respectively. If everything goes according to plan, the smart luggage will start shipping in February 2020. Where would you go with such a great suitcase?

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