SmartHalo 2 turns any bike into a smart one

Bicyles might not have computers, like cars do, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be smart. With the SmartHalo 2, any bike can be smart and fun to use. The SmartHalo 2, as its name suggests, is a second-generation device, and naturally, it is even more appealing than its predecessor was. Just like the previous model, the SmartHalo 2 starts its journey on Kickstarter, where people can back the project and help developers deliver their gadget to the world. Even though there still is more than a month to go until the crowdfunding campaign ends, the goal was already reached, so this gadget will start shipping before the end of the year.

The SmartHalo 2 is a rather small device which users can place on their bikes. The interface of the gadget is as simple as it gets, so it is easy to use and bikers don’t have to tinker with it too much so they can stay focused on the road and still benefit from the useful features of the SmartHalo2. Offering so many features, it’s a little hard to find a primary use for the SmartHalo 2. Users can define what metrics the device will display, so to be honest, it really depends on the user what the SmartHalo2 will actually do.

First of all, SmartHalo 2 works as a navigation system. The device allows users to set their destination and then choose between different possible routes, from the safest through the flattest and all the way to the fastest possible route. The gadget uses Google’s maps, so users also need to have their smartphones on them when using the SmartHalo 2 as a GPS device. Then again, this is not necessarily a problem, as the majority of people carry their phones with them at all times. There is also a compass mode which won’t actually tell users which route to take, it only points toward the biker’s goal and turns greener when the users approach the destination.

Two features that are simply great are the Parking Reminder, which helps people find their bikes when they can’t remember where they left them, and the 110 dB alarm that will go off every time someone persistently meddles with the bike. Users can set different sensitivity levels, so the bike will stay safe no matter what kind of area it is parked in.  It is only natural that the SmartHalo 2 also works as a fitness tracker that keeps tags on distances, speed, calories, elevation, CO2 saved, and time. The SmartHalo 2 tracks all of these as soon as the user starts pedaling and it can display any of them in real time on the PeekDisplay. Users can choose which metric to see during their trip.

The SmartHalo 2 would not really deserve its name if it didn’t allow users to stay connected to what is happening on their phones, would it? Thankfully, it does. The device will notify users every time they get a text message, someone tries to call them or reach them via social media platforms and different kinds of messaging apps. Users can easily go through the notifications due to the touchscreen and they can even turn notifications off whenever they would like to have some peace and quiet.

The crowdfunding campaign is live for more than a month, so those who want to have one of these gadgets by the end of the year can back the project. There are even some early bird units left, for only CA$134. You can check out everything the SmartHalo 2 has to offer here.

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