SPRYNG, the wireless active compression wrap was funded in only 15 minutes on Kickstarter

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades and thankfully, it didn’t only improve gaming and computing, it also influences the health industry a lot. There are lots of developers that are continuously working for us, to make our health better. SPRYNG is one of the health devices that can become a great friend of many people, as it is probably the world’s most advanced muscle recovery tool. No wonder it got fully funded in only 15 minutes on Kickstarter. The gadget is a wireless active compression wrap that significantly reduces the time needed for muscles to recover after workouts. Also, it improves circulation, so you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy its benefits. Legs need their rest and recovery even if you sat all day.

SPRYNG is a pneumatic compression wrap that mimics natural muscle contractions in the legs. This way, it improves circulation, increases cellular oxygen supply, and it stimulates tissue repair. Also, it reduces swelling. While SPRYNG was primarily designed for athletes that need to recover fast after training in order to be in top shape for games and competitions, the gadget is perfect for everyone who has problems with their legs, whether they are swollen after a long day at work or simply have poor blood circulation.

Many people use passive compression tools, however, these only work when you actually do the work and the benefits are nowhere close to what SPRYNG can achieve. Even while sitting at your desk, or lying on the couch, SPRYNG works for the health of your legs. Another great thing about the gadget is that it works perfectly without users needing to wear it all day long. 15 minutes sessions can work wonder for improving circulation and reducing aches and swells.

The wireless SPRYNG is incredibly easy to use and each unit is able to sync with its pair in order to deliver the same experience to both legs. The compression tool is divided into three areas, users being able to control the intensity of compression in all three of them. Also, there are two compression patterns users can choose between Graduated WaveTech Compression and Pulsatile WaveTech Compression. Users only need to take a couple of seconds to put on the compression tool, set its intensity and compression pattern and the rest is taken care of by SPRYNG.

The wireless SPRYNG active compression tool works with batteries that can ensure 2.5 hours of active use. As 15 minutes sessions are all users need, it means that they can use the tool for quite a while before needing to recharge it. The gadget is light-weight and it is easy to carry around, so users can take it with them on trips too, without needing to pay for extra luggage. The device is machine washable too, so there is no need to worry about keeping it clean either, only throw it in the machine and use it afterward without any problems.

Other active compression tools are quite expensive, so not many people can afford them. During the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, backers of SPRYNG can get a pair of the active compression tool for prices starting at $119. According to the manufacturer, the retail price of the SPRYNG will be around $250, so backers can save a lot of money by choosing to purchase the device in this stage. Then again, the health of our legs is worth $250 too. The campaign is going to be live for another 20 days, so you can check out the SPRYNG here.

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