iPhone 11
01 Jul 2019

iPhone 11 will probably be a lot less popular than the 2020 model

By this time of the year, everyone is already eagerly waiting for the Apple smartphones to launch. Unfortunately, according to many, this year we are waiting mostly in vain, as the iPhone 11 will definitely not be as popular as other models were. Especially since renders of the 2020 Apple

iphone 11
13 May 2019

iPhone 11 models get a new camera setup design

Apple is not the company that awes us with major design changes with every new generation. Until the iPhone X, the majority of iPhones looked pretty much the same, with minor changes here and there. Lately, the company seems to have changed its policy a little bit and we actually

01 May 2019

Apple iPhone 11 could bring the TouchID back

The iPhone X was definitely an eye-catching smartphone. It was a huge change both in design and in features compared to the previous models and it was perfect for marking the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. One of the features it ditched and some people would like having back is the TouchID.