Oppo Reno Ace
10 Oct 2019

Oppo Reno Ace is a new flagship killer with a really affordable price tag

Normally, high-grade specs mean a high price tag. However, it seems that this starts to change, at least that is what the Oppo Reno Ace tells us. The handset just launched and it really has a lot to offer, including the fastest charging battery right now, and even so, it

Oppo Reno Ace
17 Sep 2019

Oppo Reno Ace only takes 25 minutes to fully charge

Fast charging is not a novelty anymore. Even so, Oppo might surprise the world, as it prepares a new handset, the Oppo Reno Ace, which will reportedly take only 25 minutes to fully charge. Of course, this could be easy if the handset had a really small battery but that

oppo waterfall screen
29 Jul 2019

The Oppo Waterfall Screen looks great but it might have some issues

When we thought that curved screens are becoming a thing of the past, Oppo came up with the Oppo Waterfall Screen which is more curved that anything we’ve ever seen. The company recently showed off the new screen type on a smartphone and we have to admit, it looks pretty

19 Jun 2019

Oppo smartphone with under-display selfie camera launching next week

While the resolution of smartphone cameras keeps getting more and more amazing with each generation, in the selfie camera section it seems that their position is the one manufacturers are currently focusing on. Last year, almost every smartphone came with a selfie camera notch. This year, the notches shrank or

Oppo Reno Plus
06 May 2019

Oppo Reno with thicker bezels and better selfie camera in the works

The spirits haven’t even settled after the launch of the Oppo Reno which took place two weeks ago and it seems the company is already planning to launch a new device. As the similarities between the Oppo Reno and the new model, codenamed PCDM10 and PCDT10 are pretty visible, the new

23 Apr 2019

Realme finally arriving in its home country, China

What started out as Oppo’s affordable series, and grew to be an independent brand, namely Realme, finally seems to arrive home. The brand already made its way to several markets in the Asia-Pacific region, however, it was not present on the Chinese market until now. This is quite surprising, as