108MP Samsung
12 Aug 2019

108MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX mobile camera sensor to debut on a Xiaomi device

VGA cameras were quite cool a few years back, but now they would only make us smile. There already smartphones in the works with 64GB cameras, and it seems that things don’t even stop here. The 108MP Samsung mobile camera was just unveiled and it is safe to say that

samsung galaxy note 10
05 Aug 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen won’t feature a camera but it will be able to control it

The waiting period is almost over and we will get to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is like in only two days. The South Korean company will launch its flagship smartphone on August 7. Naturally, a lot of rumors already surfaced regarding the device. Some of them were

samsung galaxy fold
25 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold release set for September

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was a smartphone that was highly anticipated and it was reportedly in the works for years. The first rumors surrounding the foldable smartphone that can grow into a tablet when unfolded surfaced a few years back and ever since everyone expected Samsung to finally unveil the

samsung galaxy tab s6
18 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 renders leaked, showing off the redesigned tablet and S Pen

Tablets were a lot more popular a few years back, even so, they still are appealing to many users. Samsung didn’t even get to officially announce the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 yet and renders and real-life images of the gadget already surfaced. The renders come from Android Headlines and they

Galaxy Note 10
15 Jul 2019

Galaxy Note 10 might not arrive as soon as everyone thought

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 should launch next month, on August 7 to be more exact. While it is not totally impossible for it to launch at that date, the release of the handset might just take a little longer than usual. Samsung might need to delay the production of

samsung galaxy note 10 +
11 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ shown in all their glory in leaked pictures

Keeping a secret in the tech world became almost impossible nowadays. This is why we get to know almost everything there is to know about handsets without the manufacturers getting to launch them first. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are no exception from the rule as there

samsung galaxy fold
03 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold redesigned, still not arriving this summer

Samsung has been teasing us with a foldable smartphone for years now. The South Korean company actually showed off the Samsung Galaxy Fold earlier this year, however, the handset still didn’t reach customers. Samsung should have released the foldable device a while ago, but due to some issues regarding the

samsung galaxy note 10
02 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled in just over a month

Samsung already unveiled a couple of great handsets this year, but the best is yet to come. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the upcoming flagship and the South Korean company will most likely unveil it on August 7th, in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. This is the place where the tech

samsung galaxy a90
26 Jun 2019

Samsung Galaxy A90 to sport SD 855 and 48MP camera

Samsung flagship devices, with rare exceptions, have always been great and powerful. Unfortunately, the budget phones of the same company did not impress that much. The majority of them did offer really nice screens, but under other aspects, they were rather weak phones, at least for their prices. This year,

samsung galaxy note 10
21 May 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be the largest Samsung yet, besides the Fold

Even though there seem to be quite a few problems around the official release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company’s fans still have something to eagerly wait for, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. In the last couple of years, the South Korean company launched its flagship devices in the