The Oppo Waterfall Screen looks great but it might have some issues

When we thought that curved screens are becoming a thing of the past, Oppo came up with the Oppo Waterfall Screen which is more curved that anything we’ve ever seen. The company recently showed off the new screen type on a smartphone and we have to admit, it looks pretty amazing. The screen curves off at 88 degrees and it just seems to wrap around the handset’s sides. Although the design is very impressive, there are some issues that the Oppo Waterfall Screen could bring along. At the end of the day, it might just not be worth it, to be honest.

First of all, due to the high degree of the curves and the fact that the Waterfall Screen wraps this much around the edges, there is basically no space left for the physical buttons of a possible handset. At least, not where we are used to seeing them. It is impossible to maintain the power button and the volume controls on the side of a gadget if there is the curved screen taking up all the space. Of course, it is always possible to place them on the top or the bottom of the device but that means a whole new redesign of the insides of a smartphone.

Another problem that could arise with the handsets sporting the Oppo Waterfall Screen is the fact that users would accidentally trigger apps and features without wanting to do that, only by holding the smartphone. With a screen that is this curved, it is impossible not to touch the display when holding the handset. Of course, the curved parts could be less sensitive, but then again, why do you need a touchscreen that doesn’t work?

Last, but not least, the curved Oppo Waterfall Screen could get easily broken. In the majority of occasions, our smartphones tend to fall on their edges. When the screen wraps these edges around, it won’t only be the plastic / metallic body to get scratched. We all know that displays are quite sensitive and stretching them over the edges might translate into a whole lot of otherwise minor accidents that could result in the screens breaking. Hopefully, oppo had all this in mind when developing the Waterfall Screen and all these issues have already been addressed. We are eager to see what the first smartphone model to sport the Oppo Waterfall Screen will be like.

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