Tile Sticker easily tracks all devices even in rainy weather

Tile’s Bluetooth trackers have become quite popular already but the company just launched one of its most amazing gadgets so far. The new Tile Sticker is small, discreet, and efficient even in bad weather conditions. The round sticker is barely visible and thanks to its reduced size, users can stick it on basically all their gadgets and devices. The Sticker is waterproof, so it is perfect not only for tracking smartphones, laptops, and cameras but also for outdoor gear, like skateboards, bicycles, and whatnot else.

The Tile Sticker is the company’s smallest and most versatile tracker yet as it can be used on multiple devices. Even so, it is totally affordable, as users can get a two-pack for $39.99 or four trackers for $59.99. The Sticker has a 27mm diameter and is 7.3mm thick, so users don’t have to worry about ruining the looks of their devices by using the sticker. The adhesive used on the Sticker is suitable to stick to the majority of metal and plastic surfaces. While it is removable, it does stick well to the surfaces, so users will probably not lose them easily. Just like other Tile trackers, the Sticker has a
three-year battery life and a 150-foot range.

The company didn’t just bring the new Tile Sticker along, it also launched a new and refreshed lineup of other trackers, namely the Tile Slim, Mate, and Pro. While the Slim got a new look and now has a credit-card style design, the Mate and Pro only got some minor improvements. Both the Slim and the Mate now have 200-foot ranges, and the Pro doubles this. The Pro and the Mate are not waterproof, however, they are water-resistant. Also, these models have replaceable batteries, a feature that lacks from the Slim and the Sticker. As for the pricing, the Tile Slim will sell for $29.99, the MateČ›s price is $24.99, and the pro, as its name suggests, is the priciest one of all, with a $34.99 price tag. All new models are available on the company’s website starting today.

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