Totcooly is the only gadget you need in the summer

Summer is here and all we want is clean, cool air and cold beverages to drink. There is a gadget that makes sure you have all of these. It is called Totcooly, and it a device with a  series of functions that are all meant to make hot summer days in the office or at home more bearable. The gadget works as a small, personal air conditioning device, air purifier, and a mini-fridge that can cool your drinks down fast and easy. The gadget is currently the object of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, however, it will reportedly be ready to ship before the end of the summer.

Totcooly’s design is really simple and due to its rather small size, it can easily fit into any room. It is most practical to keep it on your desk when working, on the countertop if you only need it to cool beverages, or somewhere close to you when you want to benefit from the gadget’s air purifying feature. Its modern and simple look makes it perfect for any modern room. It is also quite silent, so users don’t have to worry about the fact that it will distract them when working or reading and such. While this is the perfect gadget for the summer, thanks to all its features, it is also great for cooler times, as it can’t only cool beverages, it can also heat them up in case this is needed.

The small personal AC has three main features. Totlcooly is a small air conditioning device, that makes hot days in the office bearable if you keep it next to you. Its other great function is the beverage cooling/ heating one. Totcooly is able to cool drinks down a lot faster than a regular refrigerator would. In only a couple of minutes, users can get a refreshing beverage. Unfortunately, it can only cool one cup or bottle at a time, but then again, it is a device designed to be used by one person, not an entire group. Air filtering and purifying is the gadget’s last but not unimportant feature. The device generates ions that help filter dust and increase air quality, which is always good.


The Totcooly comes in two color variants, white and black, it is extremely easy to use, as it only has a button that helps users choose the feature they want to use, and it is affordable. The device only weighs 680 g, so it is also easy to carry with you whenever you need to. For only $89, you can have one of these little devices by the end of August. Those who want to make their employees’ life great can opt for the 30 units package for only $1,770. Purchasing these would definitely make you a great boss in the eyes of the staff.

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