Traveling with your Apple MacBook Pro is impossible with some airlines

Every once in a while one of the major tech manufacturers discovers that one model or another is faulty and so they recall the broken devices for servicing. This was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a few years back when they started to explode randomly. Airlines banned users from taking their Note 7s on board for safety reasons. This is the case with the 2015 Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display too. Or at least, it should be. Unfortunately, what started out as being a problem with this specific model, folded out surprisingly at some airlines so even those who own other MacBook Pro models could see themselves forced to leave their laptops behind in airports, depending on the airlines they travel with.

Some airlines simplified the problem so much that they finally choose to ban all Apple MacBook Pro laptops from being on their aircraft. It doesn’t matter if the model is the one sold between September 2015 and February 2017, which present the issues Apple notified the public about or they are completely different models, they just can’t be packed in checked baggage on any of Virgin Australia’s aircraft. So, if you have to travel with this airline, make sure to have your laptop in your carry-on baggage, not the checked-in one.

Other airlines don’t extend the ban to all Apple Macbooks, instead, they don’t allow their customers to use their -inch MacBook Pros on board. It doesn’t matter which -inch Apple MacBook Pro we are talking about, whether it is the Retina Display or not, you won’t be able to put the laptop in checked-in baggage or to use it on board. If you want to travel with Quantas, don’t plan on doing any work online if you own any kind of 15-inch MacBook Pro. They won’t allow you to use it on board.

While it is always great that airlines take safety measures in order to avoid any problems during the fight, in some cases they overreact. The recalling of the 2015 Apple MacBook Pro might be necessary in some cases, but the company made it pretty clear which models were the ones with the faulty batteries that pose fires risks. Airlines just need to check whether a certain unit has one of the recalled batteries or not by looking up a serial number online. They really don’t need to ban all MacBook Pros from being in checked-in baggage or used on board. Unfortunately, customers can’t really do anything about it, just comply with the rules. Just makes sure not to pack your 15-inch MacBook Pro in your checked-in baggage as it will remain in the airport.

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