TRIO can improve your productivity by adding additional screens to your laptop

We lose a lot of precious time at work switching between different tabs and programs. Those who work on desktop computers have been using multiple monitors for a while now, however, this was not always a possibility when it came to laptops. MobilePixels, a company in Boston, MA, already delivered a solution for this problem earlier, the DUEX, and now kicked it up a notch and developed the TRIO, which allows users to add not only one, but two additional screens to their laptop in order to make multitasking a lot easier. The gadget comes in two different sizes, so it is great for 13-14” laptops and 15- 15.6” ones alike.

Using the TRIO additional monitors is as easy as it gets. All users need to do is install the driver, then place the screens on their laptops’ backs with the help of the special magnetic adhesives and the company’s patent-pending clips and plug the screens in. Thankfully, MobilePixels solved the data transfer and the power with only one cable so users don’t need to turn their desks into a hot mess of wires. The additional monitors slide from the back of the laptop to the right and left so users can easily use three different programs at the same time, without needing to switch between tabs constantly.

Another thing that makes the TRIO quite an interesting and useful gadget is the fact that the additional monitors are not fixed. They can easily be moved, so users can benefit from them when having presentations, as they can turn the three monitors into a triangle so everyone can see what is going on on the screen or just flip one screen on the back of the laptop so the business partner or client can see the presentation without needing to sit shoulder to shoulder.

Naturally, this would all mean nothing if the additional monitors would be of poor quality. Thankfully, it isn’t the case. The TRIO screens offer 1080p resolution and they have an all-new adjustable brightness so that everything users see is crisp and clear. Users can even turn the TRIO into a standalone screen by placing it down and fold it upright. The result will be a screen sitting on its own, stable base and displaying whatever users need it to in portrait mode. Basically, users can enjoy the benefits of TRIO in any area. Whether we think of businesses, school work, gaming, programming, or trading, the additional TRIO screens come in handy and ensure better user experience, and they even boost users’ productivity.

The TRIO additional screens are the object of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter right now. It’s no wonder that the project already raised more than 1,000% of its intended goal, as the gadget is simply great and offers users multiple possibilities to benefit from what it has to offer. One TRIO additional screen will reportedly have a $354 retail price. Those who back the project in the next 24 days can get one for only $199. For the TRIO Pro, which is the larger variant of the additional screen, backers need to pledge $219 or more. Those who want the full three-screen experience can back the project with $349 or more and get two screens. According to the developing company, the gadget will go into production in August and start shipping as soon as January 2020.

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