Upcoming Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Pro could get larger batteries due to thinner OLED displays

Apple’s devices of all kinds sell like hotcakes, mainly because they are made of high-quality materials and are packed with surprisingly good features. Even so, the Cupertino-based company’s gadgets could use a boost in battery life. According to the latest reports, this could become reality in the next couple of years. Sources close to Apple disclosed that the company is going to purchase OLED displays for its upcoming iPad Pro and MacBook Pro devices from Samsung. These are quite thin, so they could allow for larger batteries to find a place under the hood of the respective devices.

Until recently, Apple chose not to equip its gadgets with OLED displays. The company’s smartphones were the first ones to get the beautiful screens, but now it seems that the Apple iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro will also join the party. While there are not too many information regarding the upcoming iPad Pro, it seems that Apple will launch a MacBook Pro with a 16-inch OLED display. Given the fact that sources also state that the new device will not be larger than the current 15.6-inch model, it’s safe to assume that the bezels will get a lot thinner and the result will probably be an all-screen device.

Apple already launched a 13-inch MacBook Pro alongside a 15-inch model this week. This means that we won’t get to see the 16-inch MacBook Pro anytime soon. Apple will have a big event in the fall, however, it’s not likely that the new MacBook Pro with its 16-inch OLED display will be ready to launch by then. A safer bet would be on a 2020 launch date, probably sometime in the spring. While there still is a long time to wait until then, seeing a powerful MacBook Pro with a beautiful OLED display and really thin bezels might just be worth the long wait.

Unfortunately, OLED displays are more expensive than LCD ones, so the price of the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro could go even higher. The pricing of OLED displays is probably the reason why, at least at first, only Pro models will get this technology. Those who can afford these gadgets will most likely appreciate the upgrade and enjoy the new view. The good news is that Apple plans on renouncing at LCD displays on its iPhones, so at least those will all have beautiful screens.

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