Vezo 360 – The dashcam that makes sure you get home safe

We must admit, there are a lot of dangers lurking around every time we start our cars and leave our driveways. Especially due to people who drive recklessly, it is really important to have a dash cam. This way, we can always prove that an accident was not our fault. Also, these cameras usually help us out when parking the car. The Vezo 360 promises to do even more: to keep an eye on us and make sure we get home safe. This camera doesn’t only see everything around it, it also processes the information and keeps drivers awake.

One might think that dash cams don’t see everything. This might be true when it comes to usual devices of this kind, however, the Vezo 360 does see everything. The little gadget has a dual-lens 4K  camera that offers a 360-degree view. While this is already quite awesome, this is not everything the Vezo 360 has to give. The developers of the device went even further and made the gadget incredibly smart with some amazing AI features. One of the most impressive ones is that thanks to the AI capabilities, the Vezo 360 is able to detect when the driver falls asleep. Naturally, it also does something about it and it will wake the driver up in order to avoid accidents due to fatigue.

The Vezo 360 does this because it continuously scans the driver’s face and searches for signs of drowsiness. Whenever it gets even a hint that the driver is about to fall asleep behind the wheel, this smart little dash cam rings an alarm so that the driver will wake up. This is one feature you won’t see in every other dash cam, that is for sure.

Another great thing about the Vezo 360 is that it keeps your car safe even when it is parked. Users can easily connect the dash cam to their smartphones via WiFi and 4G. The gadget can continuously send a live feed to your handset and also, it alerts the user whenever it detects suspicious activity. In order to keep wrongdoers away, the developers even added an LED that will go off whenever the camera sends an alert, so car thieves and such will think twice whether they should touch your vehicle or not.

The Vezo 360 dash cam offers loop recording and thanks to the fact that it supports memory cards of up to 256GB, no data will be overwritten before you can check it out. In case you record memorable trips with the help of the Vezo 360, you can even save the content by permanently backing it up to the cloud.

One might think why they didn’t hear about the Vezo 360 before. That is probably because the smart dash cam is not on the market yet. It is a project that is currently live on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform. There is no question whether the project will be a success or not, as it already raised 1,138% of the sum the developers needed for going further with the Vezo 360. According to the plans, the smart dash cam will go into mass production in the summer and the AI gadget will start shipping as soon as November.

Those who back the project can benefit from a serious price cut. The retail price of the gadget will be $349.82. Backers of the project who pledge at least $219 will get one of these devices, so they can save quite a lot of money.  There is also a more affordable version of the 360 dash cam, that comes without the AI features. It offers a little less but it still is a great gadget to own. In case you are interested in the project, you can check it out on Kickstarter and you can still back the crowdfunding campaign in the next 6 days.

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