Wearbuds – the earbuds you can also wear on your wrist

Many of us constantly use earpieces or earbuds. While these can make our lives a lot more fun, as we can listen to our favorite music and podcasts on the move and they also work as the perfect accessories when we drive, the majority of these gadgets have the same problem. If they have wires, they constantly tangle, and if they don’t, their battery will run low exactly when we need them the most. Wearbuds actually solve both problems:  they are wireless but given the fact that they can charge on your wrist, it’s really easy to keep them charged.

To say about Wearbuds that they are simply earbuds is an understatement. The gadget’s main functionality may be to deliver high-quality sound, but it doesn’t stop here. The device also doubles as a fitness band. The wristband that is responsible for charging and safekeeping the earbuds actually does more. It comes with a series of sensors, including a heart rate monitor, calories burned tracker, sleep monitor, a pedometer, and message reminder. No need to mention that it also works as an alarm clock. Long story short, Wearbuds do everything a normal fitness tracker and a pair of earbuds do, but it does it in a stylish, seamless way.

While the fact that Wearbuds is capable of charging the earbuds and keep track of your health is already great, one of the features that truly help people is that the wristband is the perfect holder of the earbuds. People constantly lose earbuds or have to look for them for several minutes in their bags or backpacks, sometimes without any results. With Wearbuds, users always know where the earbuds are. Right there, on their wrist, and they don’t even look awkward when they are there, due to the modern design of the wristband.

In order to make using Wearbuds even more easy and enjoyable, the developers equipped the gadget with a series of touch-sensitive controls. Thanks to these, users can pair the earbuds almost instantly with their smartphones, they can play or pause music with a simple tap, and with the same tap, they can answer or end calls. The audio quality offered by these earbuds is more than satisfying.

As for the pricing, it will be no surprise that such a great gadget doesn’t come with a low price tag. The retail price of the Wearbuds will reportedly be $199. This is not necessarily a high price, as similar products cost the same, without this many benefits. Thankfully for those who really want to own the earbuds, if they back the Kickstarter campaign that is live right now, they can get the Wearbuds for only $99, saving half its price. Or get two pairs, for the price of one, whichever way customers want to see this. There are also limited edition Wearbuds in Coral or Mint colors, which cost $149 while the Kickstarter campaign is live.

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