Why just listen to music when you can also feel it with the Woojer Edge?

We all listen to music once in a while. This is why we all know that some jams are so great that we would also love to feel them. We can do this by standing right next to a huge speaker, however, that could damage our hearing. The Woojer Edge allows users to feel their music without needing to go deaf afterward. It is a cool wearable gadget that comes in the form of a vest or a strap. Users can choose one form or the other depending on where they want to use the gadget and what kind of sounds they want to feel, not just listen to. In both its forms, the Woojer Edge vibes the beat into your body.

Music lovers are not the only ones who will find this gadget to be an amazing one. Just imagine playing games in VR and besides seeing everything so vividly, you could also feel the thumping of the sounds around you in your body? How is that for an immersive gaming experience? What the Woojer Edge does, basically, is gather the air movement that typically spreads as an audible wave of pressure and directs it toward your body. The result is extraordinary, that is for sure.

The patented Oscillating Frame of the Woojer Edge accurately reproduces and plays frequencies up to 500Hz, including subsonic frequencies that are below the threshold of the human ear. Basically, the Woojer Edge allows users to feel the sound they would otherwise miss out on. All users need to do in order to enjoy what the gadget has to offer is put on the vest or the strap, connect it to their audio device via Bluetooth and then enjoy the sounds. It’s really easy and simple, yet the results are magnificent.

The Strap Edge is designed to go with you everywhere you want it to. Due to its small size, it’s really comfortable to wear and it is easily portable. Users can wear it around their hips, their chest, or cross-body, the result will be mainly the same. The Vest Edge, on the other hand, is not necessarily a device you would take everywhere with you. It is a lot larger and heavier so it is better suited to be used in the comfort of your home. Due to its larger size, however, the sound will embrace you even more impressively than in the case of the Strap Edge. This is why the Vest is great to use when gaming or by professional music producers. Those who only want to feel their music don’t really need it as the Strap does a great job when it comes to feeling the music.

The Woojer Edge devices are now the object of a Kickstarter campaign. Naturally, the desired funding was raised almost immediately, so the gadget should start shipping to the backers before the end of the year. According to the developers, the Woojer Edge gadgets will become available for purchase each on their own or as a package deal too. The Strap Edge’s retail price will be $179 while the Vest Edge will cost $499. The package deal will reportedly cost $678. Naturally, those who back the crowdfunding campaign before it ends in a little more than a month can have them for special, lower prices.

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