Winston promises to deliver true online privacy for safe browsing

For many people, online privacy is extremely important, and to be honest, it should be like this for everyone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone is conducting illegal business online and needs to be protected from the government. It means that what we do online, where we do share a lot of data with one another, should be protected against spying and data theft. VPNs do a lot for this, however, there is hardware too that was designed to deliver the privacy we long for. Winston is a gadget that promises exactly this: to deliver true online privacy for a safe browsing experience.

The fact that the crowdfunding campaign of the Winston is already a win, as the gadget raised its funding even though the campaign will be live for three more weeks proves that people take online privacy seriously. Or at least that there are a few hundred people who would like to double the effect of their VPNs with a piece of hardware too. The Winston is basically a hardware filter that ensures anonymity, hides your geolocation, encrypts your DNS and scrambles your traffic with other Winston users, according to the developers.

The little box’s developers also promise that Winston strips away corporate tracking and surveillance that doesn’t only invade your privacy but also makes the internet slower. The gadget comes with the customizable blacklist, that, according to the manufacturers, is able to block over 90,000 tracking and malware sites by default. By doing this, the Winston could actually accelerate web browsing, as it reduces data usage by almost 45%. Another thing that makes Winston interesting and promising is that it doesn’t only work with your computer, smartphone or tablet, it works with every single smart device in your home. All you need to do is connect the gadget to the modem in your home or directly to the wall socket and then connect your router to it and all your browsing becomes safer and faster.

The gadget’s retail price will be $249 when it hits the shelves. Besides this, users also need to pay for a monthly service that will cost them $99 a year. Those who back the project on Kickstarter get the first year of Winston service for free. Also, for $349 or more, backers can get the device and a Lifetime subscription, which would normally cost them $942. On Kickstarter, you can check out all the offers for the Winston and opt for the best solution for you.

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