Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could be a gamechanger

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone was a device that truly amazed the world with its modern, bezel-less design and an awesome screen-to-body ratio. Ever since the first Mi Mix launched, the Chinese company kept pushing borders further and the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could be a true gamechanger in the smartphone world. The company will most likely unveil the handset next month, so rumors regarding it already started to surface and they all point towards a really great device with amazing features and powerful specs. It’s hard to imagine that there can be a device that is even more impressive than the Mi Mix 3, but it seems we will get to see it in only a few weeks.

First of all, Xiaomi seems to continue increasing the screen-to-body ratio of the new handset. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will probably have the sliding design we’ve previously seen with the Mi Mix 3. Thanks to this, the company doesn’t have to give up on any screen space for the selfie-camera and thus can deliver an almost all-screen device. The pop-up selfie camera is also a possibility. While the amazing screen-to-body ratio is the signature feature of the Mi Mix series, these smartphones don’t only offer an awesome design. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will also offer amazing specs and features. The camera section is currently the one where manufacturers can bring on impressive improvements from one generation to the next. This will probably be the case with the Mi Mix 4 too.

The handset is said to sport a 108MP camera, manufactured in partnership with Samsung. At this point, this is the most powerful camera sensor on the market. The 108MP sensor will definitely be paired with at least one, possibly two other sensors and they should work together in capturing amazing quality pictures and videos. A periscope camera is highly likely to be present on the Mi Mix 4. Of course, good software is also needed, but it’s safe to assume that Xiaomi wouldn’t lose its head start with the 108MP sensor by using poor software to edit the images.

While Xiaomi seems to focus a lot on its handsets’ thickness, it’s safe to assume that they won’t hold back on the battery’s size when it comes to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Rumor has it that the upcoming device will sport a 4,500mAh battery with 30W fast charging support. The new MIUI 10 might not be anywhere close to stock Android, which many smartphone users prefer, however, it promises to be the best MIUI version yet, so this will be a significant improvement too. As for other features, rumors make us expect a waterproof body and a headphone port. The handset will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset and it will include up to 12GB of RAM and 1TB internal storage.

Naturally, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 won’t be a cheap device. The Mi Mix series handsets were all quite expensive until now, and it seems the upcoming model will be too. There is no concrete information regarding the pricing of the device but a price tag in the vicinity of $1,000 is to be expected. Then again, some might consider that the smartphone has enough to offer so that it ould be worth every last cent of its price. In a few weeks, we will know just how amazing the device is.

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