ZeTime got backers to pledge more than $5 million on Kickstarter

Projects that go live on Kickstarter, the fundraising platform often turn out to be quite interesting. One of the most backed projects in the last period was the ZeTime smartwatch, which managed to raise more than $5 million. Gathering such a large sum is not easy so the product might be quite interesting. Smartwatches have become really popular, however, they are pretty much the same, no matter who delivers them. So what made almost 27,000 backers to support this particular project? Why is ZeTime so popular? The answer seems to be quite simple actually: the ZeTime is a smartwatch with actual hands over the touchscreen, so it’s basically the perfect blend between a classic analog watch and a nice smartwatch.


At first glance, the ZeTime looks just like a regular analog watch due to its mechanical hands. However, at a closer look, users will discover that there is a touchscreen on the watch, displaying all the data any other smartwatch would. The mechanical hands won’t even get in the way of users seeing the info displayed on the screen, as the hybrid watch features smart movement technology that will move the mechanical hands if needed for users to have full visibility.

The ZeTime might look just like an analog watch with its steel watch case and mechanical hands, however, it offers everything one could expect from a smartwatch, starting from a smart crown that allows users to easily navigate between the various menus and screens, an optical heart rate sensor, an always-on display that allows users to always see the time, and the notifications we all love in our smartwatches. The hybrid watch also features a sleep monitor, a daily assistant that offers users info regarding the local weather forecast and calendar reminders, and it works as a remote control for the user’s smartphone.

ZeTime sizes

The device comes in two sizes, the regular model having a 44mm watch case while the petite model is better suited for women with its smaller, 39mm watch case. Users can choose from a number of bands, starting from silicone ones through leather bands over to steel bracelets. Naturally, there are quite a few colors to choose from too. The smartwatch is now available for purchase on the company’s website for a special price. Both the regular and the petite smartwatches with white or black silicone bands will set customers back €129.90, instead of €199.90, which is the ZeTime’s normal price.

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