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Norm glasses
16 Aug 2019

Norm Glasses get 3000% funding on Kickstarter

Smart glasses did not become as popular as some would have anticipated, even so, there is a high interest in them all over the world. The fact that Norm Glasses raised more than 3000% of their intended goal on Kickstarter only supports this. At first glance, the Norm Glasses look

Apple HomePod
16 Aug 2019

Apple HomePod will start shipping on August 23rd in Japan and Taiwan

Even though smart speakers might be listening in on us and keeping our recordings for years and years, we just love them. The Apple HomePod is one of these gadgets and now it will reach Japan and Taiwan too. Apple will release the smart speaker next week in the new

Samsung Galaxy A91
16 Aug 2019

Samsung Galaxy A91 could sport the 108MP camera

Smartphone cameras have come a really long way ever since we’ve first seen them. It seems that this is one of the features that is easiest to improve as every new generation almost doubles the quality of the camera that preceded them. We recently reported that Samsung finalized the works

huawei mate x
16 Aug 2019

Huawei Mate X to launch “between September and November”

Foldable phones promised to be the highlight of the year at the beginning of 2019. Samsung has been taunting us with such a device for years now and Huawei also promised to deliver a foldable smartphone. Unfortunately, even though both companies announced their handsets, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the

108MP Samsung
12 Aug 2019

108MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX mobile camera sensor to debut on a Xiaomi device

VGA cameras were quite cool a few years back, but now they would only make us smile. There already smartphones in the works with 64GB cameras, and it seems that things don’t even stop here. The 108MP Samsung mobile camera was just unveiled and it is safe to say that

honor vision
11 Aug 2019

Honor Vision Smart TV more like a smartphone than a TV set

Even though smartphones and laptops are our main go-to gadgets, smart TVs are still a part of our lives as they are the perfect devices to watch our favorite shows and movies on. In the past few years, devices of this kind got more and more amazing and they offer




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